Blackstone Painters offers a number of services in addition to interior and exterior painting. Staining your deck and privacy fence is essential and necessary to maintain the longevity of your exterior woods.  Keeping a quality sealer on your decks and fences will maintain the look, and keep moisture and mold from rotting and destroying your exterior surfaces.

Adding a protective layer to a concrete floor not only improves the look of your garage, but protects and seals your floor from all the destructive traffic. Epoxy and commercial grade General Polymers provide a coating that makes it easier to keep your floor clean and looking great.

Restoring wood furniture, exterior doors, vanities, and cabinets can add years and of life and protect permanent fixtures and family heirlooms.   In addition, we can make old cabinets like new with custom color and durability to complete your kitchen  renovation, saving you thousands of dollars.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Stained Deck

Brazilian Walnut

Garage Floor

Epoxy &

General Polymers


Painted with

Oil based enamel